A potential Sabres Hall of Fame

There is about to be 10,000 square feet of space open on the Buffalo waterfront. The problem is that most of Buffalo probably doesn’t know the space exists.

Because that is a GREAT location

For the past three years the Ira G. Ross Aerospace Museum has occupied the space in HSBC Arena behind the Sabres Store. They just learned that their lease will not be renewed.

This is both good and bad news. First of all, raise your hand if you knew the aerospace museum was located in the arena. Keep your hands up if you know where the entrance to the museum is…Bueller…Bueller….anybody? That is because the door is tucked around the corner of Main and Perry across from the “subway” tracks and the fenced in area that stores floating docks in the winter. Not exactly a prime location for foot traffic.

The location would be better if it wasn’t hemmed in by the train tracks and the inability for anyone walking in the area to stumble upon the museum. So, in that sense, it is good that the people running the museum will need to go elsewhere to show off their collection.

Personally I think this could be a great building block for that ridiculous power of ten, triangulation plan that PPS and ECHDC have come up with. Let these guys establish their own space down in Canalside. I’m sure the price tag of a new build would be too much for them, but it is a damn good solution to the pickle they find themselves in. Plus it would start the dominoes falling of brining new business to the Canalside development.

Now for the good news. From what i took away from the news report breaking this story, HSBC Arena decided not to renew the lease agreement with the museum. Of course that could be for a number of reasons. What if it is because Ted Black and Terry Pegula want to utilize that space?

It was formerly the Backstage Club and was used for special events and large group parties (if I’m not mistaken). Perhaps the new ownership sees this as a good space to utilize.

If it was me it would become the new home of the Buffalo Sabres Hall of Fame. There is already a cool exhibit space in front of the Headlines bar. Why not expand it and add to the fan experience? Could make for a really awesome addition. Picture this, a large museum with interactive displays and games that highlights the rich history of hockey in Buffalo.

With all of the emphasis the new regime has put on the past and reconnecting with the alumni this seems like a rather logical step. Not to mention it would bring much more attention to that location that the current client does.

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