Time to do work

Tonight could be the night. After December, fans were thinking a lottery pick was in the future. Now the Buffalo Sabres are one point away from the NHL Playoffs.

Thanks to a little help from the Thrashers – and a no-show by the Rangers – Buffalo has a magic number of one to clinch over New York or Carolina. The Thrashers could do Buffalo a huge favor tonight by putting away the Canes at Phillips Arena.

It would be really nice if that could happen. It would take any responsibility away from the Sabres over these next two games.

I say that because the Flyers and Blue Jackets are not the two teams I would pick for a much-needed point to secure a playoff spot. Philly is in need of a turnaround and will come out balls to the wall this evening. Columbus will be looking for revenge after the 5-0 beating Buffalo gave them earlier this year. Not to mention, the last time Buffalo won in Columbus was 07-08 (might need to fact check that one).

Suffice it to say I am still apprehensive about the outlook for Buffalo. It certainly seems that New York could be in trouble entering their final game with New Jersey. That is a match up that has to make Rags fans nervous.

Bottom line is that the Sabres need to play the game that made them the best team since January. This has all the ingredients of a let down game. I think back to the Toronto game when the players said all the right things and then laid an egg. Between the fans, alumni and potential to clinch, you have to think the Sabres will look to end this in regulation. My biggest fear is that these are the wrong two teams to try it against. Scoreboard watching may be the best way to ease the pain.

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