Vision for the outer harbor

The owner of Dug’s Dive, Tucker Curtain, has a brilliant idea for a portion of Buffalo’s outer harbor.

A brilliant vision and great plan for the Outer Harbor


The folks over at Buffalo Rising Online broke the story about the businessman’s vision for the underdeveloped parcel of waterfront.

It is a really great idea. None of it comes off as cheesy or useless. It is obvious that he planned out the potential additions with time and care. Add to that the fact that he didn’t try and use any sort of historical interpretation which should keep him clear of any protests. The fact that he left out functional lawns, the power of ten and triangulation makes this plan that much better.

He even went so far as to say he will take care of a bulk of the financing. That may be the biggest point to take away from his statement. It is obvious he wants to expand the footprint in his neck of the woods and he seems to have he ability to carry out some of this plan (at the very least).

I would hope that there are some businessmen out there in WNY who can see the need and potential of this project and jump on board with Curtain in fast tracking the project. (pictures to come later)

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