Bobby Lou or Corey Schnider in game five?

Roberto Luongo wasn’t very good on two of Boston’s goals last night. The other two weren’t fantastic either. That doesn’t even begin to explain game three.

When the Canucks began to melt down against the Blackhawks, the epicenter was in net. Most of the blame was shouldered on Roberto Luongo. He wasn’t good in the middle of that series, nor was his team. Now, the rest of the Canucks were very average in games three and four and Luongo was just as average. Continue reading

Save of the season, check

Tim Thomas made the save of the season on Steve Downie tonight. Observe:

Thomas said after the game it was more luck than anything else – it was the booze dancing, I suppose. But still, just a nasty save by Thomas. Could turn out to be a major point in this series. If Downie ties it up there, who knows where that game ends up. The Bolts had been pressing hard the entire third, I feel like they had the competitive edge for the final 20. But Thomas robbed Downie and sent the series back to Tampa 3-2. Now Tampa has a lot more to worry about.

Credit to Mike Smith for a beauty on Chara at the other end. I thought he was toast when I watched it live, best back-to-back saves I have seen in some time.
Stick tap to Wysh @ Puck Daddy for getting the video uploaded so fast.