Bobby Lou or Corey Schnider in game five?

Roberto Luongo wasn’t very good on two of Boston’s goals last night. The other two weren’t fantastic either. That doesn’t even begin to explain game three.

When the Canucks began to melt down against the Blackhawks, the epicenter was in net. Most of the blame was shouldered on Roberto Luongo. He wasn’t good in the middle of that series, nor was his team. Now, the rest of the Canucks were very average in games three and four and Luongo was just as average.

Alain Vigneault has a tough decision on his hands. Corey Schneider stepped in during the first round and even started a game, but he didn’t provide any more support than Luongo had in the previous losses. That is likely weighing heavily on Vigneault as he mulls over his game five starter. Schneider was strong in the third period, but can he carry the Canucks back into the series lead? Same can be said for Luongo. He was great during games one and two but was pedestrian in Boston.

I don’t even know who I would go with for this one. Luongo has been great at home, but has obviously started to struggle against the Bruins. Personally, I don’t know if Schneider is capable of handling the Stanley Cup Finals just yet. Ultimately the decision will come down to who is the hotter hand. At this very moment it is Schneider which is why he would be my choice (especially because he wears sick gear).

Game five will come down to the Canucks’ ability to play their game. They have played the last two games running around putting their hands in the Bruins mouths or pulling the Bruins hands out of their mouths. If they buckle down and get back to the style that won the first two games (and the previous three series) they will be too much for the Bruins to handle. If Vigneault is able to get his players back on track, they can reclaim the lead in the series. If they fall to the Bruins’ momentum, it will be Boston in six games, no doubt.

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