Save of the season, check

Tim Thomas made the save of the season on Steve Downie tonight. Observe:

Thomas said after the game it was more luck than anything else – it was the booze dancing, I suppose. But still, just a nasty save by Thomas. Could turn out to be a major point in this series. If Downie ties it up there, who knows where that game ends up. The Bolts had been pressing hard the entire third, I feel like they had the competitive edge for the final 20. But Thomas robbed Downie and sent the series back to Tampa 3-2. Now Tampa has a lot more to worry about.

Credit to Mike Smith for a beauty on Chara at the other end. I thought he was toast when I watched it live, best back-to-back saves I have seen in some time.
Stick tap to Wysh @ Puck Daddy for getting the video uploaded so fast.

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