Buffalo Pipe Dream: An aquarium on the Outer Harbor

My third Buffalo Pipe Dream will be about a true pie-in-the-sky idea that would probably have little to know chance of coming to fruition in this city and in this economy. After part one and two, this is going to seem a little ridiculous. However, I had brought up the idea before.

I’d like to see a state-of-the-art aquarium built within the Buffalo city limits, not an aquarium that would rival the Georgia Aquarium, but a substantial attraction to the city to boast. Ideally, the aquarium and zoo would work hand-in-hand as one super awesome entity.

Considering the space that would be required for a proper aquarium, the outer harbor would make for a wonderful home for this new piece of development. The amount of empty land would even allow for the Zoo to be built right next door, but that seems unlikely. After all, the recent capital improvements that have been made basically locks the Zoo into place indefinitely. At this point, any changes to the Zoo will require expansion into Delaware Park. There should be no hesitation to do so, either. Expanding the Zoo to help compete with others like the Cleveland would be a wise step to take. Continue reading

Buffalo Pipe Dream: The Central Terminal

The past few years have seen a surge in development within Buffalo’s city limits. A great deal of attention has been paid to the action (or inaction) down on the waterfront, but there has been a plethora or projects popping up around the city.

The Central Terminal could be a perfect home for the NFTA along with Amtrak, bus and high-speed rail service.

I would never claim to be an expert on urban development. But I’ve certainly made my way around North America enough to know what I like, what I hate, what works and what doesn’t in various cities. No I’d like to lend my experiences to some big picture concepts for projects around Buffalo. I have always wanted to use this space to start conversation and this Buffalo Pipe Dream series is designed to do just that. None of the thoughts I have come up with are attached to any sort of development plan and they shouldn’t be considered in that light. Each idea has been conceived with no concern for cost or how obstructionists or conservationists may view them.

Again, the point of this exercise is to share some thoughts and create conversation. I encourage you to use Twitter or the comments section to tell me how terrible my ideas are, what you like, what you hate or what could be improved on. Maybe you just want to chat about what could be done one day, share your thoughts. If there is one thing this city needs it is fresh ideas. Hopefully we can come up with a few during the series. Project number one? The Central Terminal.

The Central Terminal, to me, stands as one of the beacons of opportunity in the city. While there is little more than houses in the immediate vicinity; the Central Terminal sits in an interesting spot along a number of rail lines. Namely, the right-of-ways owned by NFTA that connect up to the airport and UB North. Developing the Central Terminal could work in concert with extending the Metro Rail. Continue reading