The Instigator Podcast 3.1 – Changing of the Seasons

Eric and I are back for season three of The Instigator Podcast. We wrap up the Sabres Blogger Summit that was held last night, chat about the roster for the upcoming season and play plus/minus with the candidates to wear the Sabres’ “C”.

The Instigator Podcast 2.2 – Locked Out

The lockout is indeed on. While the CBA arguments went beyond the September 15 deadline, regular season games have now been cancelled and this has become a very real thing. Eric and I sat down to discuss the lockout, solutions for it and a host of other topics. We tackle the Alumni Plaza and, of course, play a little plus/minus.

The Instigator Podcast 1.18 – Featuring Die by the Blade

Eric and I were joined by Zach, from Die by the Blade to talk about the Sabres Alumni Golf Tournament, Shane Doan, the leadership void in the locker room and plus/minus.

Thanks again to Zach for coming on the show, he is the first official guest we have had on the Instigator and it was fun to have him in the conversation. You probably already read Die by the Blade, and if you don’t you should start doing so immediately.

The Instigator Podcast 1.14 – Summit Hangover

Since there were many interesting reactions and opinions on what took place in the aftermath of last week’s blog summit, Eric and I tackle a few topics on the “obligations” of bloggers and what should be expected from those who reside in the basement.

We also run down a few points on the NHL awards which go down tomorrow night.

Feel free to leave comments and criticism here or on @3rdManIn or @2ITB_Buffalo.

The Instigator Podcast 1.11 – Basement Brigade

Eric and I tackle a few different topics this week, including a few interesting Tweets, the World Championships and offer some thoughts on the relationship between blogs and mainstream media. Thoughts, comments and criticism are welcome here, 3rd Man In and on either of our Twitter accounts: @3rdmanin @2ITB_Buffalo

The Instigator Podcast 1.10 – Inflating Expectations

The tenth edition of The Instigator Podcast is a milestone for a few reasons. First, it is the tenth podcast we have put together. Second, we kept it under 45 minutes for your listening pleasure. Lastly, Eric celebrates the return of Kevin Richardson to BSB.

Also, we hit on the new season ticket prices, the accusations levied against Cody Hodgson and, naturally, play a little plus/minus.

The Instigator Podcast 1.8 – No Answer

After a moderate layoff, Eric and I are back at it with a new edition of The Instigator. We take a look at what decisions have been made by the Sabres as of late and what decisions may lie in the future. Our conversation is based on conjecture more than anything, but share your thoughts if you think we are on the right, or wrong, path. As always, we play Plus/Minus and this week likely features the best intermission music yet.

Comments, criticism, music and topic requests are welcome here or on Twitter: @3rdmanin @2ITB_Buffalo

The Instigator Podcast 1.7 – Fuel and Engage

In the seventh edition of The Instigator Podcast, Eric and I take a look at where things could head with regards to amping up the fans and creating a raucous atmosphere similar to that of the MTS Centre.

As always, comments and criticism are welcome on Twitter.

The Instigator Podcast 1.4 – IQ Test

Here is episode number four of The Instigator Podcast. This week we discuss the ever popular Twitter topic of hockey IQ, take Twitter questions regarding direction for the roster and take on plus/minus yet again.

As always, comments and criticism are encouraged. Catch us here: @2ITB_Buffalo or @3rdmanin