Wear your Black and Red Night Returns! Wednesday, April 4 vs. Ottawa

The black and red era is an interesting one. On one hand you have some of the darkest times in franchise history. The Rigas scandal, bankruptcy and league control and fears of relocation. Even with that dark period at the turn of the century, those 10 years were some of the most successful in franchise history. Three Conference Finals appearances, one Stanley Cup Final, multiple playoff appearances and a few of the most memorable goals in franchise history.

Despite the success it feels like this era of team history is ignored too often and as we watch another disastrous season drag to a close, it feels like a great time to rekindle the good memories from those seasons. So, after a brief hiatus when the despicably named forerunner of this event departed for greener pastures, it’s time to bring back Black and Red night at the arena.

It seems fitting as the Dominik Hasek bobblehead being given away on Fan Appreciation Night is sporting the goathead jersey and colors. Additionally, so many of the best memories from 1996-2006 feature the Senators as the Sabres foil. Just look at the videos linked above. Plante, Dumont, Pominville all scored OT winners against the Sens. And don’t forget Bryan Smolinski’s stupid, smug face, Tim Connolly’s tying goal and Chris Drury’s winner from game one in 2006.

So join in on the celebration and rock your favorite goathead or butter knives jersey at Marine Midland Arena KeyBank Center on Wednesday night. Catch Casey Mittelstadt, grab a Hasek bobblehead and enjoy the rest of what Fan Appreciation Night will have to offer. You won’t believe this but there are plenty of seats available.

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