The Buffalo Sabres Tank Bracket

Since making brackets for things is all the rage these days I figured I’d get in on the fun. So I built a Sabres bracket the only way I know how – to honor the tank seasons of 2013-14 and 2014-15.

Seeding was determined based on a few somewhat random factors. Importance to Darcy Regier and Tim Murray’s shared mission, general skill level, games played, on-ice contribution (for or against the tank) and then added consideration for intangibles which unfolded during those years.

The seeds were still something of a moving target and came down to feel more than anything. But guys like Ryan Miller or Mark Pysyk who were good don’t rate quite as high on the tank scale as someone like Jaroslav Halak who despite playing zero games was a unique and somewhat laughable portion of the tank era. This covers just about everyone who suited up for the Sabres during those two seasons including a couple of surprises. Have some fun when filling this out and share it as you see fit.

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