The Curious Case Of Marrcus Lattimore

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Before his devastating injury this past college football season, Marcus Lattimore was considered one of the best running backs of this draft class. As he continues to work towards getting back to playing shape, the NFL draft is coming up next month. So how will things play out for the former South Carolina standout?

No matter which team decides to pick him, Lattimore is a serious gamble. Running backs have a short shelf life as it is, so a devastating injury can really set a guy back. However, there is enough game tape out there that shows what he can do. In the grand scheme of things, every pick in the draft is a gamble. It just comes down to when he can begin to contribute.

Back on October 27th, Lattimore knee was completely dislocated and several ligaments were torn up. Doctors stated that about 12-15 months of recovery time was needed before Lattimore could play again. That puts the 2013 season in serious jeopardy.

Since he has already torn his ACL in the past, this is a running back with a lot of baggage. He is ahead of schedule according to reports though, but teams might still do a draft and stash to avoid running the chance of missing out on his services down the road.

Perhaps the best things for Lattimore though is the fact that Adrian Peterson showed the world this past season how a knee injury is nothing more than a minor setback in the grand scheme of things. Currently, Robert Griffin III is going through something similar. Lattimore’s injury was the worst of them all, but surgeons can make the knee as good as new after proper rest.

If he is able to return to his past skill level, he has amazing speed to the edge to pick up big plays. His size (5’11”, 221 pounds) is also perfect for a NFL running back. Teams are shying away from using featured backs as well, so that could help keep him healthy as he shares snaps with other players on his team. The results might not come right away, but Lattimore has the determination and talent level to contribute in the NFL and your fantasy football leagues for years to come.


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