Waiting on a surprise from Regier at the deadline

If history is to serve as a guide you can assume that Darcy Regier will make at least one fairly significant move at this year’s deadline. Perhaps a move will come in the days leading to the deadline, but Regier has made at least one move around the deadline in each of his years with the Sabres.

This year is different than most in recent memory due to the struggles on the ice and the calls for change from the fans and media. A great many are rightfully worried that Regier is not the man who should be guiding any sort of rebuilding process as he is the very architect who assembled the flawed roster that has hovered near the bottom of the league this season.

Buffalo will play a trio of games prior to the deadline and a string of losses would all but cement Regier as a seller. Granted many reports have indicated that the Sabres are willing to hear offers on the entire roster, three more losses would leave little doubt that the team will miss the playoffs yet again.

Whether or not you think Regier is the right choice to even begin retooling the Sabres roster is immaterial at this point. Fans have been calling for his head even before Lindy Ruff was fired but it is obvious that management isn’t willing to cut the cord on Regier at this point and the axe certainly won’t fall prior to Wednesday’s deadline.

Regier will indeed be the guy making and taking the calls for the Sabres on deadline day. However, he’s typically been an adept trade negotiator and has shown that his measured patience often yields the best results (see Gaustad, Paul).

I previously opined that the Sabres don’t need to enter this deadline as just sellers and I stand by that argument. This isn’t a team in the middle of a rebuild in which additional picks and prospects are the ideal return. The Sabres are a team with a flawed construction that could use a facelift. That means that hockey trades and some recycling would likely be in the best interest for the roster.

Moves like last year’s Cody Hodgson trade will allow for the Sabres to introduce pieces that can not only help in the future, but impact the roster today.

While expectations for the deadline shouldn’t be astronomical, I fully expect to see a minimum of three moves made by Regier by Wednesday. The two most obvious will be moving Robyn Regehr and Jordan Leopold for whatever draft picks they happen to fetch on the market.

A few reports indicate that Regier is hoping for a prospect and a pick for Regehr and given that Douglas Murray fetched at least one second round pick (the second is conditional), Darcy may not be barking up the wrong tree with his demands. Regier may need to give more than just the rugged defenseman in that type of deal, but if a respectable talent is acquired instead of just picks, the Sabres come out ahead on that deal.

Both Jordan Leopold and Robyn Regehr are expected to be swapped at the deadline.

Leopold is likely going to fetch a mid-round selection or two from whichever team acquires him and that will be it. He could certainly be packaged with another player or future that could increase return, but as a standalone piece, I think a pick would suffice.

Any other moves will be more out of left field (sort of like the trade of Zack Kassian). The Fourth Period previously reported that Drew Stafford would welcome a trade and that same publication also linked Stafford to the Kings along with Regehr. One thing is for certain; Stafford could use a change of scenery.

A two-point night was a nice way for Stafford to come back from his benching but will need a couple more strong games to inflate his value prior to Wednesday. Keep in mind that Paul Gaustad’s back-to-back games with outstanding five-on-three penalty kills likely increased his value to teams vying for his services. Stafford is an entirely different type of player, but I think if he can awaken from his slumber, teams will take notice.

What I’ll really be looking for on Wednesday will be a trade of someone who has been off the radar. Perhaps Regier ships out Tyler Ennis in a hockey trade that swaps talent for talent. I feel as if these are the type of trades you never expect but that Regier thrives upon. The Hodgson/Kassian swap and even the flip he pulled to swap Steve Bernier for the picks that became Craig Rivet were deals that saw Regier leverage one asset to address another need on the roster. These are the type of moves the Sabres need and they should be the ones fans should anticipate on Wednesday.

Now all that is left is to find out who will be swapped.

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