New Winnipeg Jets logo = fail

After quite a bit of hype, the Winnipeg Jets finally unveiled their new logos. Of course, they didn’t include the jerseys, just the logos. What I was left wondering was, is this seriously the best they could do? Honestly, I understand that True North wants to establish their own brand separate from the former franchise that now resides in Phoenix, but c’mon.

The former Jets logos, while similar, were iconic to the team. They also grew somewhat of a cult following after the team left. The same can be said for the Whalers and other defunct franchises.

My problem with this logo is that it is so bland. They do a good job playing off the True North name by giving the compass look, same with including a real jet. Those are really the only good points about the primary mark. Otherwise I just see the same thing as the Penguins Winter Classic, Florida and Columbus third jersey logos.

That is what disappoints me the most about the logo. They had a chance to go out and make a statement. Think about it, the Manitoba Moose had one of the most visually pleasing and unique logos I have seen in a long time. Despite the lack of uniforms, I wouldn’t be surprised if the jerseys mimic the Victoria Royals’ new look. Just look at the color schemes, I will say the Jets jersey will likely include a bit more red than black.

As for the word mark and secondary logo, I am a fan. The word mark in particular is very cool. It definitely looks like a new spin on the former logo, I give a thumbs up to that. Same with the secondary mark. It is simple yet says a lot at the same time. The wings are a neat touch and the remainder is well put together. They will look good as shoulder patch.

The one thing I will say is that I like that they based the look off of the Royal Canadian Air Force. It is a nice touch and I do think it was a good move in terms of establishing the new identity True North set out to do. However, the primary mark is just way too boring to be put on the chest of a uniform. A real shame for a logo that every fan was waiting to see.



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