Interesting development in the Coyotes situation

I haven’t been doing too much reading about the Coyotes pending sale recently because I simply stopped caring. It became very monotonous to read the same thing over and over. So, I waited until something concrete developed. Finally, something did. I will defer to the TSN article for all the details.

I’m not sure if the city council vote could be viewed as a “Judgement Day” of sorts, but it is certainly a big step for the Coyotes future in Glendale. All signs seem to be pointing towards a positive vote. That means the city will give the NHL $25 million more to keep the team in the Desert for another year. Thus giving them another 365 days to figure out a sale agreement with a potential buyer, no matter who that may be.

The fact of the matter is that this is nothing more than a band-aid. The city is going to give away millions to keep a team that loses millions every season. It is time to face facts, there is a small number of passionate fans in that city, but there aren’t enough to support a NHL franchise. I understand that moving a team for the second time isn’t the solution to all the problems. However, it seems as if the Phoenix experiment has failed and it is time to evaluate a new future for the franchise.

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