Could the Fiesta Bowl be no more?

This just in, a major member of the BCS is corrupt. You already knew that? Ok, nevermind.

It seems as if some mega-corruption on the part of the Fiesta Bowl has the future of the game in jeopardy. That has led some to question if that will affect the potential sale of the Coyotes. If only the Buckeyes had played in the 2011 Fiesta Bowl, that would have been too fitting. If Jim Tressel and his band of gypsy traders had bought their way into playing in the Fiesta Bowl, oh what a perfect storm that would have been. As luck would have it, OSU’s BCS bid this year was from further east. That doesn’t change that the NCAA pulled their best Colin Campbell and turned a blind eye to the fact that some of OSU’s best players should have been suspended for the bowl and the start of the next season.

Based on the financial prospects of this situation it appears that the Coyotes will need to be saved.

That is really too bad, if you ask me. Canada deserves another NHL franchise. In fact, the NHL needs another Canadian franchise. The prospect of the Coyotes moving to Winnipeg should excite every hockey fan except for the 9,000 people who attend the games.

I will play devils advocate, though. The Goldwater Institute should keep their noses out of the entire sale. Matthew Hulsizer had a plan in place to purchase this team. Now, the plan is pretty flimsy. I’m not a business major but if you want to buy a hockey team (or any other business) and you need the potential patrons of said business to help fund the team…seems to me you’re not fit to purchase said business. If Hulsizer came forward with the full amount of money needed to buy the Coyotes there would probably be no issues.

I have to side with the article on this one. If the city of Phoenix (Glendale) loses the Coyotes and the Fiesta Bowl there is going to be a major financial crater left in a serious entertainment district. I would be very surprised if the Fiesta Bowl disappears along with the hockey team. If the loss of the football game is gone then the Coyotes will need to be saved.

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