Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament – Day 3

The Pilthy Puckers managed to grind out a victory on sloppy ice on Sunday. The final day of an otherwise spectacular event was marred by warmer temperatures that made the ice extremely soft.

Pregame scrapes with snowplows did little to help as your skates would sink in anytime you put an edge into the ice. So, after about five minutes of play the ice had about a half inch of snow accumulation and it tuned into a game of home run passes. As it turns out, we were the better team at taking away passing lanes and getting pucks near the net. We finished with an 18-14 triumph too take home the trophy.

The amount of stuff you get for making the finals is extensive. Each team gets to rock a Labatt Blue jersey (which you keep) plus the winners get a HUGE trophy in addition to the smaller trophies each player gets. But, those weren’t even the best prizes. Coupling the free jersey with the free winter hats each (and every) participant received; the winners also received dry fit t-shirts with the tournament logo on it. Roughly, we took home about $90 in apparel (retail).

The tournament was fantastic. It was run well from top to bottom. From preparation to scheduling and everything in between, it was as good as it could get. Sure, Sunday’s weather hurt the play, but aside from that it was a monumental success. So much can be said about playing hockey in its truest form. However, nothing can be said about 700 guys playing on a pond in February.

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