Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament – Day 3

The Pilthy (or Philthy) Puckers have advanced to tomorrow’s finals after a pair of victories. What was better than the wins was the fact that a light snow fell intermittently throughout the day. It gave everything the Winter Classic look.

Of course, in our final game we ran into a bunch of guys who were upset that they were losing. One brainwave decided to take a run at one of our players. Oh well, we will be getting some pretty cool unis to rock for tomorrows final (if my information is correct). DISCLAIMER: I received a message from one of our opponents and I should clarify it was only on of their players who stepped out of line at the end of the gaEverEtt other guys were very good competitors.

Once again, the tournament was running quite well, in all aspects. The ice was very good, especially since a full day of games was played on it yesterday. Again the party area was bustling with people as the influx grew with the entire field playing today.

I have yet to get down to the Powder Keg Festival, I’m not even sure if I will partake. To be honest, winter activities on pavement aren’t too interesting to me. Although, there is a lot of time to take it in tomorrow.

Enjoy a few pics taken by Michelle McNamara.

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