Trent to the bench

Like this comes as a surprise to anyone. I’m actually amazed that ESPN even bothered putting the Bills’ QB switch on the Bottom Line today.

In case you haven’t heard, Ryan (not Rory) Fitzpatrick will replace Trent Edwards as the Buffalo Bills starting quarterback this week against New England.

To put it lightly, Edwards was bad in week one and two. But truthfully, he was atrocious. Aside from one drive, against Miami, he was inaccurate and failed to throw the ball further than 10-15 yards. He threw a pair of interceptions, although neither were really his fault (maybe the Roscoe Parrish INT). It is, without doubt, Edwards’ decision-making process that has put him on the bench.

On a potential game-winning drive against the Dolphins he failed to find any receivers downfield and then tossed a meaningless pass on fourth down that was no where close to first down yardage. The same occurred against Green Bay, just on a lesser scale. While the game was out of reach there was no reason to not attempt to put points on the board. Yet, Edwards ran out-of-bounds on 4th and 11 rather than even try to put a ball out there for a receiver to fight for.

Now, much of the onus also falls on the offensive line. The tackle situation is abysmal and doesn’t appear to be getting any better. It seems like Cornell Green was a horrible signing and Demetrius Bell is below-average at best. Even the strength of the line, the two guards and center, aren’t much better. Nevertheless, the line stinks and hasn’t helped Edwards either.

There have been opportunities. It seems that he is terrified to put the ball in any area where it may be intercepted. I have news for Mr. Edwards, there aren’t many wide open passes in the NFL. Not that it matters, he will have plenty of time to throw to wide open players in passing drills at practice for the rest of his tenure with Buffalo.

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