If Derek Jeter wasn’t a tool before he certainly is now

I have never liked Derek Jeter. Mainly because I have never liked the Yankees. Sorry Yankee fans, I’m not a fan of buying your championships. Sure, I root for the Mets, but that is my Buffalo upbringing, I need to root for a team with no chance of success.

Anyway, Derek Jeter has always struck me as a toolbox. I don’t know why, but he has always rubbed me the wrong way. Finally, on Wednesday, he cemented his legacy as a douche by pretending to be hit by a pitch against the Rays.

Here is the video:

What a doucher. Seriously. For all the talk about how great he his how about a little devils advocate, eh?

This isn’t even close to gamesmanship either. This is flat-out cheating. I am okay with a cornerback arm barring a wideout on a go pattern and not getting flagged. That’s fine, even goalies “bumping” into the net during a scramble to get a whistle. I do that myself. But I’m not pulling pucks out of the net or wearing netting in my armpits to catch biscuits. Jeter’s actions are on a whole different level.

I’m curious to see what the MLB reaction is to this incident. Not because the guy cheated, but because instant replay would have fixed it. The same goes for the blown perfect game and numerous other calls that umpires miss each season.

The time has come for the MLB to swallow their pride and adopt instant replay. This nonsense cannot go on any longer.

One thought on “If Derek Jeter wasn’t a tool before he certainly is now

  1. Dan September 17, 2010 / 11:11 am

    Can’t imagine Cal Ripken or Tony Gwynn ever doing that. I held Jeter in that regard (mainly, because he was always very respectful and reverent toward Cal…especially insisting that Cal start at SS in that last All Star game).

    At the same time…not much different than a WR trapping a ball on a short hop and trying to convince the ref that it was a clean catch.


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