This is why we should hate preservationists

Read this story from Buffalo Rising – and please come back to my site to read my post too.

I would like to extend a warm thank you to Mark Goldman, Scot D. Fisher, Bruce L. Fisher, Susan M. Davis, Stephen C. Halpern, and Elizabeth P. Stanton for taking steps to block the only potential development occurring downtown.

I know there are numerous revitalization projects but, this Canal Side project was going to create a major destination for people coming to Buffalo. I have written previously that Bass Pro is not the silver bullet some people think it is. It doesn’t have to be. It should be one brick of many that goes towards rebuilding Buffalo.

I bet these jerks sit at the bar and complain that our city needs to take advantage of the waterfront and to make it a true destination.

Baltimore has 40 gazillion things to do in their inner harbor. The same goes for the San Antonio River Walk. I see Buffalo’s waterfront as a combination of these two things. A canal-themed waterfront destination with shopping, bars, restaurants and other activities. Bass Pro could have been a major player in it all without being the centerpiece. Sure, it would be the largest, most noticeable structure but, not everyone needs fishing and hunting supplies. They do need to eat though.

Before I go too far off on a tangent of my waterfront pipe dreams I should ground myself. Buffalo’s track record of completing big projects is less than stellar. This was one of those things that could have truly worked. Just look at how awesome the Commercial Slip and boardwalk are. If only some people could keep their trap shut and allow progress to BEGIN this city might be in a totally different boat. However, as it stands now, it looks like another selfish group will stall yet another great project. It is a true shame.

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