T.O. and Ochocinco together in Cincy

Terrell Owens is employed once again. The loudmouth wideout agreed to a one-year deal with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Terrell Owens will be catching passes in Cincinnati this season alongside fellow reality star Chad Ochocinco.

The deal will unite the two biggest personalities in the NFL in the same offensive attack. Owens and Chad Ochocinco will bring their VH1-worthy sideshow to the black and orange this season.

Owens made quite a bit more – $6.5 million to be exact – with the Bills last season compared to the $2 million salary that he will make this season.

This signing is a very exciting prospect on more than one level. The first is, of course, that Owens and Ochocinco will be able to Tweet, televise and absolutely annihilate the Bengals locker room. The other is that Owens offers the Bengals a very scary aerial attack, not to mention Cedric Benson’s 1,200 yard season.

Owens had a poor showing with the Bills last year, but he didn’t have a strong quarterback throwing him the ball and a weaker offensive line to protect whoever was checking down to the running backs. I know he has the ability to put up some big numbers. My guess is that Carson Palmer will find a way to get him the ball and he will do some big things with it. What remains to be seen is if he will merit another contract next season – he will be 38 then and might not have much left in the tank.

I, for one, am disappointed that Owens is not coming back to the Bills. It was exciting to have a true superstar in our city for once. If the Bills had only spent the money on a real offensive line he might have put up better numbers. He wasn’t a distraction here, he made a few plays. He was a victim of an offense with little talent and an even poorer offensive scheme. If the circumstances were different he may have put up some better numbers. Of course, the grass is always greener. Although, things aren’t looking any better for the Bills this season.

I will have a Bills training camp breakdown later in the week. Good luck T.O. hopefully you show the Bills management what a deep football team has to offer.

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