Just a thought – Max Talbot should shut it

I have never been a Max Talbot fan. I loved when he fought Dan Carcillo in the 2009 playoffs and held his finger to the Wachovia Center crowd. That was great. But, on the whole, I’m not a huge fan of his.

Max Talbot put up some early bulletin board material for the 2011 Winter Classic

I don’t love the Penguins. It is hard to though. As a hockey fan that is all you hear about. Sidney Crosby doesn’t bother me but, Evgeni Malkin strikes me as a typical Russian and I really don’t like Marc-Andre Fleury. “The Flower” is pretty overrated and I see him as a product of his system. Ty Conklin’s success with the Pens in 2008 is a prefect example.

Anyway, Talbot is just a grinder with too much to say. He decided to call out Alex Ovechkin while promoting this year’s Winter Classic. Talbot called Ovechkin “a real douche”. I don’t mind calling out your opponents. But, Ovechkin can skate circles around Talbot. In fact, Ovechkin could run Talbot through the boards if he wanted to – or already has, see below.

You think Talbot would have learned from Adam Burish calling our Chris Pronger. Either way, every time I have heard Talbot do an interview – or any other appearance – he has struck me as rather douchey too. So, lets call it even on that front and let the hockey do the talking.

Yes, Talbot has a Cup ring. But Ovechkin is a far bigger star with way more talent. Talbot should stick to his own kind on this one and chirp Sean Avery, Carcillo or any other third liner for that matter.

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