Kovalchuk deal nixed. Now what?

So, Ilya Kovalchuk’s ridiculous contract was nixed by the NHL. Some sources (Scott Burnside) say it was nullified before the news conference but, the Devils went ahead and announced it anyway.

It was a bad deal, borderline cheating. But, the Chris Pronger and Marian Hossa deal are just as bad, and the league did nothing about them. So, why is Kovalchuk the example?

Personally, I think it is the right thing to do for the NHL. This ridiculous contract structuring needs to be stopped. Unfortunately Lucky Lou wasn’t so this time around. Hopefully he turns around and gives the guy an actual contract – one that gives him the term he is looking for, plus the right annual earnings. Maybe they can keep it under ten years too.

Better yet, maybe the Kings swoop in at the 11th hour to steal the big fish back.

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