ESPN covering their tracks

ESPN has realized the folly of televising the one-hour LeBron circus.

The network’s Ombudsman, Don Ohlmeyer, issue this statement/story/article on the ESPN website analyzing the decision to air The Decision.

To me, it come across like he is criticizing the decision, all while presenting a case as to why it made sense.

But the fact of the matter is, it made no sense to put that fool on the air.  They gave LeBron the keys to the house and allowed him to run a muck. He chose the place of the interview, the interviewer and where the advertising would go.

All the advertising agreement did was give ESPN and LeBron false credibility. It went to a good cause, that is very noble. But the police officer who pays for his kid’s college with drug money is no more noble, That is not an indictment of police officers, just a hypothetical.

In addition, having Mr. Ohlmeyer write this piece in the tone of slapping the network decision makers on the wrist is just as bad. Nothing is accomplished by doing this other than drawing more attention to the travesty that was the one-hour announcement special.

Nothing can right the wrong in this situation. ESPN added onto the close minded, biased coverage they already carry by pandering to James. I have felt a growing disdain for the network over the past few years, this snowballing embarrassment is nothing more than the cherry on top.

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