More thoughts on the FIFA muck-up

Its a day later and there isn’t much more info out regarding the foul that cost the United States the winning goal against Slovenia on Friday.

This ESPN story has two good videos on the matter, including coach Bob Bradley’s comments. The fact that he so adamantly calls the goal a good one shows the calamity of this situation. Watching the overhead shot in the second video on that page makes me think in very extremes, fixed game extremes.

It was an opportunity for the US to complete an outstanding comeback and put themselves in a fantastic situation to advance. But, they had that taken away. Watching Maurice Edu run through the box almost unmarked and receive a foul is nothing short of embarrassing. For me, it really makes me think that Coulibaly was out to keep the US from winning that game, that is how big of a phantom call that was.

Literally, the only call that could have been made would have been to award the US a penalty for a foul committed on Michael Bradley. Instead, the US a clinging to second place in group C and must beat Algeria on Wednesday to advance.

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