The U.S. had a victory stolen. Plain and simple.

I truthfully don’t know how to sum up my thoughts on the obvious missed call by FIFA referee Koman Coulibaly in today’s USA vs. Slovenia World Cup match.

Nothing, short of wild profanity, sums up the call. Terrible, brutal, awful atrocious – none of them really cover all of the bases.

Can you pick out the US foul in this picture? Didn’t think so.

The fact of the matter is, this guy screwed up. In fact, he robbed a victory from the US. This was a near must-win for the US and they didn’t get the victory. Partially because of the no call and partially because the US did not come to play in the first half.

Despite trailing 2-0 after 45 minutes, the US showed outstanding resiliency as Landon Donovan scored early on in the second half and Michael Bradley scored the equalizer on a beautiful play later in the half. That set up the now infamous play. Donovan layed a cross into the 18-yard box that was finished by Maurice Edu to give the US the apparent winning goal. But, Coulibaly called the US for a foul, but no one knows what for. The most apparent foul being committed was on Bradley, not the other way around.Maybe that is why I’m so steamed over this one. Not only did the US lose the Edu goal, but they should have received a penalty kick for the foul(s) committed in the box. Just watch the video below, the most obvious fouls are being committed by Slovenians, not Americans.

No matter how you spin this it comes up negative. Particularly for Coulibaly and the US. Luckily, or not, for the US, England took a draw against Algeria. As it stands now, the US remain in second in the group. A win against Algeria would certainly put the United States through to the knockout stage. So, the US still hold the key to their own destiny, that is perhaps the only sliver lining here. Additionally, Andrej Komac only saw time at the very end of stoppage time in the second half. So, not only did his guarantee go by the wayside, the smug Euro didn’t even get off the bench. Good for you buddy.

Worst case scenario, outside of a loss to the Algerians, would be for England and the US each to earn draws in their final group matches. Then second place would be determined by tiebreakers, not exactly the best situation.

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