Dutch women in mini-skirts. What could go wrong?

A lot apparently.

This was wrong, in terms of advertising.

An ITV worker, Robbie Earle, apparently gave his allotment of tickets for the Denmark-Netherlands game to a group of Dutch models in skimpy orange dresses. While I see no issue in giving out tickets to a group of attractive women, FIFA does (and ITV too).

According to the story, thanks to the Dirty Tackle blog, the women were wearing dresses promoting a Dutch beer. This was seen as ambush marketing, a big no-no at a big event like this. The amount of money spent on advertising at the World Cup is nothing short of astronomical, I’m sure, and to have a company benefit without FIFA benefiting? That just isn’t fair now is it?

Now, I don’t condone what Mr. Earle did. Besides the fact that the guy managed to snag well over 30 tickets for a single game is beyond me, he broke the rules and probably got the proper punishment. However, the fact that a pair of the orange-clad ladies were arrested is a little much for me.

Ok, fire the guy who gave the tickets for the scheme. But, where is the crime in sending 30 models in tiny dresses out to a soccer game? Think about that one long and hard.

The only reason I can see for these charges being pressed is the World Cup’s official beer sponsor, Budweiser, was put off by the scheme. Either way, I feel that the amount of exposure that was caused by the stunt hardly would affect Budweiser’s international sales.

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