Dear Mr. Pronger. Shut up

So, Chris Pronger plays a very edgy style. Some might say dirty, I say he toes the line. Either way, he creates a lot of enemies on and off the ice. You might say Adam Burish, of the Chicago Blackhawks, is among his enemies.

Now, Burish’s comments weren’t necessary especially given the situation. He just won the Cup and could have easily avoided the question, but he chose not to. In my opinion it was the wrong choice. Not to mention, if he were to fight Pronger in a game he would likely lose the fight, badly. Oh – and he didn’t see the ice in game six, or a few others.

That brings us to Pronger. Who always has carried himself with a certain arrogance that I can’t stand. He had a few particularly bad games at the end of the series and probably should have taken the high road in terms of responding to Burish’s comments.

Listen Chris, you just lost the Cup, you played really poorly in the final two games (game five in particular) leave it be. If you’re so much better than this guy why bother saying something? If anything, Pronger comes off as the bigger ass because he is the one still chirping after the loss.

A little professionalism goes a long way, seems like Burish and Pronger could use a lesson in that.

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