The Instigator Podcast 5.16 – Moulson Island and Talking Trade

Jason Botterill made a big statement this week, waiving Matt Moulson and assigning him to Ontario of the AHL. He also made his first in-season trade in an effort to improve a struggling club. Buffalo wasn’t the only hot spot in the hockey world this week as the Devils and Ducks made a big trade and Seattle set the groundwork to land an expansion franchise. We discuss all of that and which deals Botterill could make in order to set the Sabres up for improvement now and in the future.

A very interesting article on Seattle and the NHL

Came across this gem while surfing the net as I attempt to recover from a mild case of sun poisoning.

Seems as if there is some interest in NHL hockey up in Seattle. Is it a rumor with any teeth? Would the city stay interested for more than five minutes? At the end of the day is it a city you would want to move the Panthers, Islanders or Coyotes to? Is the Seattle arena situation going to work for an NHL team? All of those questions need to be raised and answered before this gains any steam. Still, seems like an alright idea for a franchise, especially if some of the weak franchises continue to flounder.