#SabersMerfia – Lets not take things too seriously

Twitter is an interesting tool. If used properly it can be a great new gathering source for a sports fan, politics fanatic or someone who just wants to keep up with the Kardashians. As someone who is immersed in sports, I happen to use Twitter to not only connect with fans but to keep up with breaking news.

During games Twitter is always a great barometer for how fans feel (track a Bills or Sabres follow list for evidence) along with a haven for those breaking down the game as it occurs. Bills fans have even spawned their own little group called the #BillsMafia that grew from the Stevie Johnson “why God” tweet and has now become a banner for certain fans to rally behind on the social media service. In fact, many players use the hashtag as well.

No matter what you feel about the #BillsMafia, it has become kind of fun to use the hashtag #BerlsMerfia as a way to joke about the consistent #becauseitsbuffalo ways of the city’s beleaguered football franchise. However, there is no such group for the Sabres. But this may be a good thing. Continue reading