Instigator Podcast 2.7 – Petulance Defined

Eric and I got together for another Podcast last night in the wake of yesterday’s press conference. We touched on a few points outside of what went on at the press conference. Specifically what Darcy Regier may be doing this summer, the future of Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek and we also made sure to support our self-serving narrative which we pre-prepared.

Emerging from the basement

Every now and then there will be some sort of comment or insult tossed out by a member of a traditional media outlet with regard to how they think of those who run blogs.

While I haven’t kept a running tally, I believe there has been two or three references printed by The News and two or three other instances in which a comment was made on Twitter. I would imagine that some of Buffalo’s radio hosts have had a few choice words for blogs, but I have XM so it doesn’t even matter.

In addition, Chris Smith made a suggestion in a recent Artvoice story that the blogging community consolidate their combined efforts into a singular entity that could potentially give mainstream media a true run for their money. This is interesting simply because it was a thought that had crossed my mind previously and is an idea currently being championed by Joe at Buffalo Wins.

Perhaps Chris decided to focus his energy on blogs because any chances of consolidation in Erie County are about as likely as building a Bass Pro at Canalside. I do want to point out that Chris’ opinion was more constructive and thought building that just criticizing or insulting. What has become common practice is to mock those who write blogs for living in their parent’s basement or having tiny readership. These comments don’t register much with me, however. My goal isn’t to attempt to mimic or compete with John Vogl or Mike Harrington. In fact, I’m not even trying to be Bucky Gleason.

Chris Smith is very correct in one aspect. What is the point of piling on with a million versions of the same information with regards to game recaps? If there isn’t a unique spin given to what you’re writing or covering, it all just becomes white noise. Continue reading