Tread lightly, logo etiquette in the locker room

One of the most enjoyable bi-annual traditions in the hockey universe is the debate that will crop up about people stepping on the team logo in home locker rooms.

Perhaps it comes up more often in Buffalo because a certain columnist wants to trudge over the emblem on each of his three visits to a practice or game per year. There are plenty of pro and anti-logo advocates and it’s becoming pretty ridiculous that there needs to be as much narrative tied to something so minor.

Watch your step

The base of this argument surrounds team pride, respect, some logic and common sense depending on which side of the issue you stand. No pun intended.

I have no problem if a team has a standing rule about not stepping on the logo in the locker room. It’s most definitely the hockey player in me that has respect for this type of locker room rule. The point is obvious and I’m certain everyone gets that it is centered around having respect and pride in your team and adopting a team-first attitude. Much like the line from Miracle “the name on the front means a hell of a lot more than the name on the back.” Paying respect to that team and that brotherhood extends off the ice by having respect enough to not step on the logo in the room. Continue reading