Where will Miles Austin end up?

This is a guest post from Jason Troxell

Depending on who you ask, March 11 arrived as a bummer for some Dallas Cowboy fans. On that day, it was reported that longtime wide receiver Miles Austin will be cut post-June 1, which is when he’ll enter a very crowded free agent pool. Or will he?unnamed

The latest news out of the swirling tide of NFL rumors is that Austin will indeed leave Dallas in his rearview. On the Cowboys’ official website, two writers answered a slew of questions surrounding the team. And of course, leading the way was one about whether or not Austin will return to the Lone Star State. If we’re to believe what these guys are saying, it’s not looking good:

“That’s always a possibility, but I’d be surprised to see that happen. I think more so than the money, the Cowboys were ready to move on to a new player at the position. It wouldn’t hurt to have him, but his hamstrings got to the point where he seemed like a ticking time bomb before the next injury. He’s one of the best receivers remaining in free agency, but it’s hard to count on that.”

It’s a fair point. Continue reading

Deskchair Quaterback: Bills rolled for second-straight week

This one is going to be short and sweet. After a brilliant start that had many fans thinking playoffs, the lack of depth on the Buffalo roster has begun to be a problem. 

Buffalo is now without Kyle Williams, Shawne Merriman, Eric Wood, Demeterius Bell and Chris Hairston. The injuries, particularly on defense, magnify every other short coming the team has. Rob Ryan exploited it with his pass rush and Jason Garrett exploited it with the deep ball.

Say what you will about the Buffalo Bills’ secondary, but it doesn’t matter who is in coverage when there is no pass rush. Granted, the corners got torched on Sunday, but defense in the NFL is like a Jenga game, all the blocks need to be in support. Continue reading