Miller’s new Blues mask isn’t a miss, but it’s not a hit either

Wearing the same mask design for 10 years isn’t easy in today’s NHL. Most goalies switch their mask art each year with some even switching in-season. That’s what helped make Ryan Miller’s Buffalo mask so iconic and what will make getting used to his new Blues mask so difficult.

A legion of Sabres fans spent their formative years with Miller working his way up from Rochester to the face of the franchise is short order. Along for the ride was his red and black era Buffalo inspired mask that was painted by his longtime mask artist, Ray Bishop. The only thing that changed over the years were minor alterations or additions that was finally retired in this form.

Photo courtesy of Bishop Designs Facebook page

Miller’s new St. Louis mask is different. Really different. It draws from Curtis Joseph’s old trumpets mask which would up serving as motivation for the Blues organization to include trumpets in their logo. So the pedigree was strong. I don’t think the overall look of the mask translates as well as Joseph’s did, however. Continue reading