The Basement Brigade Watch Party 2.0

We had such a good time hanging out at the end of last season, we decided we needed to do another Sabres Twitter Watch Party.

We’ll be heading back to Riverworks to take in the Sabres trip to Brooklyn to face the Islanders on October 7. This time we aren’t just going to drink some beer and watch hockey. We’re hoping to work in a community tie-in with these events, as they’re something we’d like to make a fairly regular thing. So those who will be attending will have the option to donate to the Alix Rice Peace Park Foundation when they arrive. Donations will not be required and can be of any denomination you feel comfortable with. Whatever we raise will go to support the foundation, which is what’s most important.

To help distract from our bad takes, we’ll have some pretty cool Sabres swag we’ll be giving away during the game through trivia or basic giveaways. We’ll probably make that part up as we go, to be honest.

We have a Facebook page set up for the event if you wish to tell us you plan on attending or not. Either way, we hope you can make it down for the game and that these watch parties can continue to grow into something bigger and better.

Sabres Watch Party Facebook Page

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