Sabres Goal Masks for the 2015-16 Season

With a new season comes new helmets and the Sabres organization will be treated to a number of new goal masks for this season. Thanks to Tim Murray’s dealing, Chad Johnson and Robin Lehner bring their unique looks to the organization this season. Additionally, Linus Ullmark and CJ Motte will have new mask art to add to the organizational list.

Here are the masks Buffalo’s goaltenders will be sporting as the season opens:

Robin Lehner

Lehner’s first Sabres mask uses many of the same features from the masks he wore in Ottawa. A flat finish with a worn look to it. DaveArt is the best at adding depth to his work and the additional graphics and color overlays on the former Buffalo script and the charging bison look great. While the image on the top (a tribute to a Swedish metal band) is a little odd, this is a great looking mask that I can’t wait to see in a game.

Robin Lehner Sabres mask











Chad Johnson

Simple and classically inspired. The striping on the chin is easily my favorite feature and the subtle additions DaveArt makes on the logos and white space are perfect. The worn look is a nice touch and this is the exact type of mask I wish EA Sports would work to incorporate in the NHL series as it’s basic enough to be a generic team mask but detailed enough to not be boring. I love this one.

Chad Johnson Sabres mask











Linus Ullmark

Ullmark has a knack for fun masks. His Bowser mask last year was a home run and this one will certainly win over fans as well. Another DaveArt work, this one is very cool thanks to the whimsical nature of it. The gold cage is a nice touch and if you look closely you can see the Amerks logo hidden in a couple of spots. For you gear nerds, this looks to be Bauer’s new 960 mask which has added new high-tech padding and features to the company’s Profile series. linus












Andrey Makarov

Based on the Instagram account this is from (@markmags23) this is actually a vinyl wrap. Paint or wrap, it looks great. I think I preferred his joker mask from last year a bit more than this one, but the execution is still terrific. I love that Makarov has chosen to keep the joker image on his masks and I’d expect he’d do the same when he reaches the next level.Andrey Makarov Americans mask











CJ Motte

This could certainly be a wrap as well but I can’t be sure. While I’m unsure of the artist, I love the thick stripe down the center. This is a generic mask but Motte has some nice features worked into the art. Count me as a fan.CJ Motte Americans mask










I’m still waiting to see Nathan Lieuwen’s mask as I have yet to see him in game action. I’m also unsure of who is mask artist is. I welcome any assistance with that.

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