Late Extra Points: Bills throw away loss to Chiefs

Since it is already Thursday and I’m two full days past when I typically do a write up on the Bills game that was I’ll keep this to a minimum. Consider it a drive thru version of the Extra Point.

  • The Bills defense continues to look more and more like a formidable unit. The line is menacing as any one of the three big guns can take over a game. Doug Whaley deserves a ton of credit for not only acquiring Jerry Hughes (who seems to have found a nice fit in Buffalo) but also for the signings of Alan Branch and Manny Lawson. Both of the veterans, Lawson in particular, have been great contributors to the defensive success the Bills have had this season.
  • Stevie Johnson sure was open on that pick-six, huh?
  • To take a slightly different point of view on the quarterback sneak debate which has taken Buffalo by storm; I’d like to know if Nate Hackett has a QB draw out of the spread in his playbook. It’s an incredibly simple play and when run out of the spread puts the blocker to defender ratio in favor of the offense.
  • Regardless of what was called, it seems plainly obvious that a simple QB dive should have gotten the job done in that situation.
  • It’s crazy to think that the Bills managed to play such a dominating game against the Chiefs yet came out on the wrong end of the result. The two defensive touchdowns served as the difference on Sunday along with the inability to finish drives. Imagine if the quarterback managed to stay healthy this whole season, what would their record be?
  • Add blowies and corralling the league’s most consistent all-purpose back (this season) to the Legend of Kiko. Jamaal Charles has been a dual-threat back all season but he only managed 90 yards rushing and made no impact in the passing game with Alonso shadowing him all game. The Bills hit the jackpot with Alonso and the defense may be one more impact linebacker away from being truly dominant.
  • CJ Spiller looked pretty darn healthy, that’s an exciting prospect for the rest of the season. It’s particularly helpful if Fred Jackson needs some time to rest up. Getting that tandem healthy will go a long way for the offense.
  • This receiving corps seems to be the real deal. They also seem to be fragile. But the talent is certainly there, two deep on both sides.

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