You may have seen some posts, Tweets and other correspondence floating around the Buffalo sports blog-o-sphere today regarding #SupportSally.

#SupportSally is a movement that has been taken up by The Scizz and all the other guys at The Deeg in support of their friend, and Buffalo ex-pat, Matt Kabel and his daughter Sally.

Sally is Matt’s 10-month old daughter and was recently diagnosed with leukemia. She has her own website and I’d highly recommend reading through the site to learn a little bit more about this courageous young lady. I’d also urge you to read more about the relationship that Matt and Scizz have developed as Bills fans in NYC.

You can also chip in to support the cause with the #SupportSally t-shirt that is being sold by Store716. All proceeds from the sales of the shirt are going directly to Sally’s fight and Store716 is handling all shipping as well. This is a tremendous cause and I hope to see plenty of #SupportSally shirts at Bills games and around Western New York.

Click here to make your donation to #SupportSally and order your t-shirt.

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