How to Keep Busy Between Fantasy Seasons

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Millions of people around the country have suddenly seen loads of free time on Sunday and Monday nights that they didn’t have before. Why has this happened? Anyone with a fantasy football team could tell you the answer with ease. The fantasy football playoffs have started, leaving only those with the best of teams left to spend their Sundays obsessively tracking their players’ football stats as the NFL games are played.

For the rest of us, we await the beginning of fantasy baseball season. Unfortunately, we have nearly four months until baseball games start. While many of us will draft our teams in March or even February, we’re left with a boring stretch of a few months that might force us to (gasp) be more social on the weekends.

How can you keep busy during this downtime? Here are a few ideas.

One way you can consider keeping busy is via fantasy basketball. You’re probably thinking that you’ve missed the boat since the season started over a month ago, but it isn’t too late to get involved if you decide try your hand at daily fantasy basketball. How does that work? It’s simple – you draft a team, but you only own the team for one night. You compete in one day contests against other GMs, and the teams with the highest fantasy point totals that night win.

It’s a great way to enjoy the action without having to be as committed as a normal full season fantasy league would require you to be. If you’re busy on certain nights, no sweat – you simply don’t need to draft a team. And then once baseball season rolls around, you don’t have to worry about juggling multiple teams like you normally would.

You could ordinarily do this with hockey too, but it’s unfortunately looking less and less likely that we’ll have a season this year. This is all the more reason to get involved with basketball. It brings even the most mundane of games (i.e. Timberwolves vs. Bobcats) to a new level, where every minute of the game matters more than you’d ever expect.

So give it a whirl. And if you really can’t stand the thought of fantasy basketball, the new seasons of Homeland and Californication on Showtime could always help to fill the void.

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