Amerks seeing red for 2012-13

While Jhonas Enroth’s mask tweet was rather unexpected, the Amerks third jersey unveiling was scheduled ahead of time. In addition to their white home and royal road jerseys, the Amerks will wear a screaming red alternate uniform this season.


They did it right, however. The uniform remained unchanged aside from the base color. The triple stripes on the sleeves and waist stay blue and white and the Amerks crest also sticks around. Aside from incorporating an alternate color, the Amerks kept their jersey largely unchanged.

Perhaps it is that red, white and blue are a pleasing scheme that can be used in any combination. The Sabres use of gold doesn’t necessarily allow for too many subdued uses. While a red uniform isn’t conservative (hello, butter knives), it complements the color scheme the Amerks use quite well. Gold, on the other hand, contrasts the Sabres (or Preds) use of navy in a much louder fashion. Yet, I’m left wondering if the Sabres third jerseys (due for 2013-14) will use gold as a primary color.

Much like the Amerks have done here, the Sabres could take their uniform pattern and simply flip gold for either white or blue. However, the charging buffalo crest would look terribly out of place on such a uniform that, in my opinion, would border on the blasphemy that is the NHL Black Ice uniform collection.

I think a reincarnation of the Buffalo script from the most recent third jersey set in navy (or royal) against a gold uniform would look interesting. It may not be as beautiful as the original or current white uniform, but it would look pretty cool.

A navy shoulder yoke would provide contrast and could tone down the gold that would serve as the uniform’s base. The only issue would be the striping pattern since any white stripes wouldn’t play well against a gold base.

I would much rather see the Sabres take a chance with a loud alternate uniform as opposed to incorporating some other form of a blue jersey. The Buffalo script anniversary uniform looked great from the front, but terrible from the back. Even putting normal numbers and nameplates on a reimagined version of that jersey would look great. However, a gold uniform would make a new, bold statement.


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