Deskchair Quarterback: Lack of depth, talent leads to another beating

Last week the Bills were blacked out on local TV. As a result, 2ITB Deskchair Quarterback was blacked out.

I really hate the NFL blackout rule, it would seem silly that a league with such a massive television contract would need to restrict viewers just because of ticket sales. There are some fans who would rather stay home and watch the game but have the means to buy tickets. But there are also fans who don’t have that luxury and I don’t think it is a fair approach to rob those fans of watching the games.

I can imagine that some of these fans aren’t interested in watching the Bills anyway, after they suffered another ugly loss at the hands of the Chargers. The worst part of this losing streak is that it would seem to have no end.  Injuries have certainly taken a terrible toll on the roster and the lack of depth is magnified because of this.

Defensively the Bills have taken a major step back and those struggles are even beginning to reflect on the offense, which hasn’t been able to recapture their early success.

Since the Bills were blacked out, I won’t offer a breakdown of the game. I didn’t see it, so I can offer much of an opinion.

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