NHL’s worst idea since the glowing puck

This is easily the worst idea the NHL has had in quite some time. Numbers on the front of a player’s helmet.

Puck Daddy posted this story today after seeing the tweet from the Minnesota Wild’s equipment manager. The Puck Daddy story comes with a complete breakdown straight from the NHL, be sure to check that out.

I guess i get what they were going for here. With a number on the front of the player’s dome he will be easier to identify. However, the level of ridiculousness here is astounding.

The numbers are way too big, they don’t look natural on that part of the helmet and it makes the helmets look like they belong in a European league.

The thinking is that the player will be easier to identify, by everyone, with the additional digits on their dome. However, the way helmets are built – plus the size of the players – these numbers will be rendered useless. Not ot mention, they will be too small to see from the press box, so broadcasters are out too. The only people this will benefit are those at the game or watching the broadcast.

While most will certainly be able to see that number, it doesn’t make it any less tacky. Plus, there are already four different locations a number can be found on any given uniform; the back, sleeves and back of the helmet. Some teams even have chest numbers which would bring the total to six if this stupid number is allowed to stand. The teams with chest numbers will look like an Excel spreadsheet with six different numbers on each player. To enact something so gimmicky and awkward to aid the casual fan is the height of stupidity.

For the record, the glowing puck was supposed to help casual fans, too.

This is clearly something that wasn’t thought through, by anyone. Someone needs to take this back and do it soon.

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