Deskchair quarterback – Bills vs. Patriots

Well, the streak is finally over. An offseason of girly dancing, girly haircuts, girly watersliding and girly boots led to four interceptions and the temporary end of the Patriots dominance over the Bills.

Make no mistake, Tom Brady and the Pats will be back. But for now, let us enjoy the victory that managed to trump the comeback from week two. There have been a whole comedy of errors that counted up to 15-straight losses to New England. Even Sunday’s victory seemed to be at the tipping point of a blowout numerous times during the game.

Chan Gailey and company managed to make the necessary adjustments at halftime to slow the Patriots attack enough to gain some ground – they never really stopped the juggernaut but made some necessary plays. That right there shows how much better this staff is than Dick Jauron’s. Skeletor would have marched out at halftime thinking his original game plan would suddenly click. Gailey didn’t settle and neither did his players. It resulted in a fantastic win that the fan base can celebrate for most of the season.– Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fred Jackson continue to sizzle for the Bills on offense. Stevie Johnson and David Nelson are obvious threats as wide receivers, there is no sophomore slump here. Scott Chandler had another good day and Donald Jones proved he can catch the ball, except that first one.

– Somehow this offensive line continues to play great football. The tackles are serviceable, maybe even effective, while the interior of the line plays great football. Eric Wood got hit for a few penalties but I can easily look past that. Credit Fitzpatrick and the staff for keeping the drops short and eliminating the chance to get caught holding the ball. Still, the run game has been outstanding and there is little you can point to other than good athletes doing their job.

– I am probably one of the few who isn’t happy with the defense. They did make some adjustments to find a few stops during the second half. Four interceptions off Tom Brady is nothing to sneeze at, but all too often it seemed like Brady and his arsenal of weapons had little trouble finding the end zone.

– The secondary was kind of left out to dry considering their assignment this week. The routes that New England utilizes are able to exploit any corner by using picks and crossing routes. Despite capitalizing on two tips, the interceptions were huge and they did manage to make some plays when it mattered. Namely, the Wilson INT and McKelvin’s third-down tackle.

– The pass rush has been fairly absent all year which has been particularly frustrating for me. Shawne Merriman hasn’t been dominating, as some expected. But he hasn’t gotten much help, either. When the Bills only rush four men there are no match up problems for anyone. So, Merriman plus Kyle Williams and Marcel Dareus can’t exploit the man who they line up across from. This week may be the exception considering the linebackers and safeties were devoted to the coverage game.

Even though there were 30 points put up by their opponent, it really doesn’t matter all that much. The Hoodie was running around like an angry child and Brady could only sit an sulk on the sidelines. I’m certain they have a gameplan to whoop on Buffalo later in the year. For now, the Bills Nation is going to stay on cloud nine.

One thought on “Deskchair quarterback – Bills vs. Patriots

  1. james patrick November 14, 2011 / 7:49 pm

    I love the bills!:) They got off to a great start, the best one in years. but after week 10, they aren’t great. i meen, 5-3?! they have to clean up there act!


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