Sabres extend Tyler Myers for seven years

The Buffalo Sabres announced in a news release this morning that they have signed Tyler Myers to a seven-year contract extension.

There were numerous reports of contract talks yesterday as it appeared the two sides were close in their negations. Clearly they were closer than most thought.

If the original reports are true, Myers will get $38 million over the span of the deal which equals a $5.5 million cap hit. This is a major victory for the Sabres as they has locked up thief franchise defenseman while keeping the cap number relatively low. The money saved should allow for some additional spending at other positions.

Obviously Myers wasn’t going to get Shea Weber money, but he was deserving of a serious raise. Kudos to Darcy Regier for getting the deal done before 2008 draft alums Drew Doughty and Luke Schenn. Their deals could have seriously altered the Myers negotiations.

The Sabres have seven years to relax with Tyler Myers making a very manageable number. It won’t be until 2018 when they need to think about a serious raise. Until then it will be smooth sailing with a potential Norris candidate patrolling the blue line.

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