The new kickoff rule will ruin the NFL

Trying to watch an NFL game on TV is quite a chore. You get about 20 minutes of real game action and then three hours of a running clock, walking to the huddle, TV timeouts and constant replays.

The new kickoff rule will add to the dullness of the production that is passed off as a competitive sport.

I understand why the lowers that be decided to move kickoffs to the 35. It practically eliminates the risk of injury for the coverage and return teams, thus making the game exponentially safer. However, this safety is achieved by eliminating any chance of a return at any given time.

Any kicker in the NFL can reach the goal line or even get the ball three yards into the end zone. Move that kicker up five yards and there is no chance of the return man carrying the ball out from seven yards deep. The logic is sound in this case. By not going the returner a chance to carry the ball out there is no risk for 20 MPH collisions between 230 pound men. Therefore there is no chance for gruesome collisions that result in devastating injuries that change the lives of these young men (see Kevin Everett). It makes perfect sense to me, however it is going to kill the on field product.

With the idiotic commercial policy the NFL follows the fan at home (and in the stadium) has the pleasure of watching a touchdown, then a commercial, then a touchback followed by another commercial. If you’re a Bills fan this is followed by a three-and-out and yet another commercial. Sounds riveting.

The NFL needs to find a happy medium here. While player safety should be of the utmost concern, the fans may start to slowly walk away. For a league with an exciting product, the NFL is trying awfully hard to make their games last as long as Major League Baseball.

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