Bills waive Aaron Maybin

Buffalo Bills fans got their wish. Aaron Maybin was waived by the team this afternoon,mercifully ending two pitiful seasons by the former first-round pick.

Maybin was drafted out of Penn State after having a breakout season in 2008. Considered to be an elite pass rusher, the Bills drafted him over Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews and Brian Orakpo. Michael Oher also was picked after Maybin. Losing those four players alone probably make Bills fans want to pull their hair out. The fact that Maybin was so useless makes matters that much worse.

I wasn’t a fan of Maybin. I wanted Cushing or Everette Brown. They were more explosive and had a better body of work. They also played in a much better conference in college. The most overlooked fact about Maybin was his experience, he had one huge season and declared for the draft, there was no real history on him. Add to that the fact he was a fast player playing in a slow conference, it was a recipe for disaster.

Maybin made plays in college because he is fast and agile. Outside of the two, maybe three, big games a Big Ten team plays in each year, Maybin was playing against inferior opponents. What made it was the fact that he could run by the slow and sluggish Big Ten tackles. That didn’t translate to the NFL and it was painfully obvious.

I rank Maybin as the top bust in Bills draft history. There have been some bad ones, Mike Williams comes to mind. However, no one has been as useless to the team as Maybin has been. That is why I rank him first for Bills draft busts.

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