Game seven, who has the edge?

You have probably heard t at least twice today. “It is the game every young boy dreams of. Scoring the winning goal in overtime of game seven to win the Stanley Cup.”

If that isn’t said by Doc Emrick is some form tonight I would be happy to buy a Carolina Hurricanes championship hat. But I have faith that some facsimile of that statement will be utter by an NBC staffer on live TV this evening.

What I’m curious to see is how short of a leash is given to Roberto Luongo (LeBrongo if you wish). If the Bruins pot one or two in the first you have to think Corey Schneider will get tossed between the pipes quite quickly.

However, I don’t see t getting to that point. The Canucks rebounded for two horrible games in Boston for a big win in game five that was ripe with sound defensive hockey. The Nucks came out hitting that game and didn’t allow the Bruins to establish themselves. Expect to see that again tonight.

The Canucks will had the benefit of the last change and he ability to keep the Sedin’s away from Chara and Siedenberg while keeping Beiksa and Edler locked down on the Krejci line. They will also have their home fans behind them.

What will work against the Canucks is the ever tightening noose around their collective necks. They took hold of the series in game five but took too much rope as they headed to Boston for game six. They have just about hung themselves. Luongo is also not a safe bet, no matter how good he has been at home.

Meanwhile the Bruins have Tim Thomas and an angry attitude as they carry another blowout win into Vancouver. The one guarantee I can make you is that Thomas will win the Conn Smythe. Outside of Ryan Kesler blowing up for like 8 points, the trophy is going to belong to Thomas. The Bruins also have more healthy players and the sense that scoring the first goal will do the Canucks in.

I picked the Canucks to win this series and I felt really good about my pick after the first two games. However, I’m taking the Bruins to win tonight. They have imposed their will on the Canucks at TD Garden and, truthfully, they were two bounces away from winning games one and two. The fourth game is always the toughest to win, especially after the team on the brink is given new life. That is what has happened here. the Canucks let the Bruins back into the series and they will pay for it tonight. Just like in 1994, the Canucks fall in a seventh game.

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