McCutcheon released by Sabres

Word has come down that Brian McCutcheon has been released from his position on the Buffalo Sabres coaching staff.

This is a surprising move but one that I think was necessary. By most accounts McCutcheon was the man who ran the power play for the Sabres after Scott Arniel’s departure. If my facts are incorrect on that one I apologize. Based on that info, it was time for the Sabres to look somewhere else for a man to run the power play and cook up an offensive game plan.

Mike Foligno and Kevyn Adams have both been mentioned as possible replacements. I say great, either one will bring a fresh look to the position and likely a refreshed message. I would hope for Foligno simply because he has been coaching with Anaheim so he has some additional experience behind an NHL bench. Adams can’t say that at this point.

As for McCutcheon, there is a chance he ends up as the head coach in Rochester – if Buffalo does indeed purchase them and switch their affiliation. There is a chance he gets nothing and is left to find a new gig. I wouldn’t hate it if he was put in Rochester. He had some success there previously and may be better suited for that type or role.

This is yet another move you may not have seen under the Golisano ownership. McCutcheon was doing a satisfactory job (at best) and still had a contract. It would have been shameful to let him go if the team was to owe him money. The “winning is a goal” motto has it’s fingerprints on this decision. It would seem the organization wants to have the best people in important positions. Replacing McCutcheon was deemed as a decision that needed to be made and I applaud them for making the right move.

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