White at home. Please.

It is about time the NHL switched back to white jerseys at home and dark on the road.

I say this for two reasons. The Sabres’ white jerseys might be the best in the league and I want to see them here, rather than on TV. Secondly, so many other teams have horrible white uniforms but great dark sweaters, see the Flyers.

After watching Buffalo sport their whites at home a handful of times this year, I really began yearning for the NHL to switch their mandate. It was originally set up to keep teams from needing to bring two sets of gear on long road trips in the event the home team would be wearing their alternate jerseys. Of course, the desire to sell more dark jerseys on a league-wide scale probably had something to do with it too.

I need to give credit to Bill Hoppe for tweeting this idea and reigniting the idea in my mind. I mentioned it before, but I also think that so many teams have superior dark uniforms to their white, “home”, uniforms. Examples, Atlanta, Edmonton, Montreal and Philadelphia. There are plenty of teams with a good set of uniforms that look good one way or another. Still, seeing virtually the same jersey come through your arena 41 times gets really old. On the other hand, letting fans see the opponents full colors would be a treat for everyone watching on TV and in the arena.

In reality you are looking at bringing an extra set of jerseys and socks for road trips. Tossing an extra helmet in each players bag isn’t going to make life that much tougher for the equipment staff.

The fact of the matter is that about 60% of the league would look better with white uniforms at home where as it doesn’t really matter to the other 40%. Bottom line, this league would be much better off with teams wearing white jerseys at home.

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