Zdeno Chara almost killed someone

Last night Zdeno Chara, in an attempt to rub out Max Paciortetty, just about killed the Canadiens forward. See below:

Due to the severity of the injury and how viscous the play was, I think that Chara probably deserves a game or two suspension. Bob McKenzie has a similar viewpoint, which I agree with. It does look like he knew what he was doing as they approached the stanchion because his arm does come up a the last moment.

Was this more than likely a bad coincidence? Yes. But based on the severity of the play, you need to continue setting the precedent that head shots and dangerous plays have no place in the game.

I will say this, for the people saying Chara isn’t a dirty player. I have watched him enough to see that he takes as many liberties as he possibly can. Maybe he doesn’t take it to the level that Chris Pronger does, but he still takes his fair share of cheap shots.

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